May 8, 2018

Sound Physicians’ National Leadership Conference – First Dispatch

I’ve said my goodbyes to my family and am now eagerly awaiting my flight to Phoenix for Flight School 2018!!!  I’m looking forward to seeing all the friends and colleagues that I’ve only been able to email these last several months: my Chief Executive Officer and fearless leader Stephen Matchett; my Chief Medical Officer, and host of the phenomenal Critical Matters podcast, Sergio Zanotti; and hopefully all of the other Sound Critical Care Program Directors and Regional Directors; it’s always nice to see these amazing people in the flesh and hang out. I’m also looking forward to hanging out with my Sound Advisory family as well: President Terry Cameron, Vice President Alex Becker, National Clinical Advisor/CMO Simon Ahtaridis, Operations Manager Stacy Michaud, Marketing and eLearning Manager Mary Miller, and Vice President Derek Wilson. I love being a Sound Advisor, and I will do my best to share that love and passion with all of my colleagues at NLC. And, of course, I’m psyched about getting to see all of the Sound national leaders, especially our founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rob Bessler. NLC is such a cool opportunity to get together with the best and brightest leaders in acute care medicine across the country, spending time sharing ideas and getting to see firsthand the overarching vision that is Sound Physicians. It is a vision of what medicine should be; it is a vision of what happens when wonderfully passionate and amazing clinicians and leaders put their efforts together and bring top-notch medical care to the communities that they serve; it is a vision of what happens when the shared experience of millions of patients is brought to bear to affect the care of patients with sepsis, and stroke, and pneumonia, and COPD. This is what NLC means. This is what Sound is. And I am so blessed, grateful, and excited to be a part of it.

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