Leadership Team

John Birkmeyer, MD

President, Medical Group

Jeff Alter

Chief Executive Officer

Mihir Patel, MD, MBA, CPE

Chief Executive Officer, Hospital Medicine

Chia-Shing Yang, MD, FACP, FHM

Regional Chief Medical Officer

Roberta Luskin-Hawk, MD

Regional Chief Medical Officer

Dave Gonzales, MD

Regional Chief Medical Officer

Catherine Abshire, RN

Chief Nursing Officer

April Burke, PA-C

Vice President, Advanced Practice Providers

Tony Briningstool, MD, FACEP

Chief Executive Officer, Emergency Medicine

Stephen Matchett, MD

Chief Executive Officer, Critical Care

Sergio Zanotti, MD, FCCM

Chief Medical Officer, Critical Care

David Leachman, MD, FASA, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer, Anesthesia

Neil Mayer, DO

Chief Medical Officer, Anesthesia

Noele Morse, CRNA, MS, APRN

Chief Anesthetist Officer

Thomas Kim, MD, MMM, FHM

Chief Medical Officer, Sound Long-Term Care Management

Brian Carpenter, MD, SFHM

Chief Medical Officer, Telemedicine

Rob Zipper, MD, MMM, SFHM

Chief Medical Officer, Physician Advisory and Health Policy

Annie Fowler

Chief People Officer

Michael Templer

Chief Financial Officer

Nicole Klug

Chief Legal Officer

Daniel J. Weissburg, JD, CHC

Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer