December 3, 2015

How Hospitals Can Create a System for Validation

Resonant Physician Advisory Services Webinar Tackles Inpatient Documentation Issues

TACOMA, WA, December 03, 2015  – Resonant Physician Advisory Services, an affiliate of Sound Physicians, provides a comprehensive secondary review and audit defense service for hospitals to address documentation and coding accuracy for inpatient care. Join Resonant’s documentation and coding expert, Dr. James Haering, for a complimentary webinar on December 16, 2015, at 11 am PST (1 pm CST, 2 pm EST). You’ll learn more about a novel approach that focuses on proactive assessments to ensure the correct Diagnostic Related Groups (DRG) are assigned to each claim.

Hospital leaders may not be aware of the money that is being left on the table when it comes to inpatient claims and DRG assignments. Typically hospitals utilize services to retrospectively evaluate inpatient cases after claims have been submitted and payment decisions are determined. In this webinar, experts will talk about how costly retrospective reviews are and how much hospitals could recoup. Participants will learn about a new approach to corroborate assignment of the appropriate ICD-10 and MS-DRG code at the time of care. Experts will explain how to create a system that drives continuous validation and analysis along with setting up proper safety nets, systems, and support to identify the root cause of issues.

Five Areas to Explore for Uncovering DRG Improvement Opportunities

Listening to the webinar you will learn about five systemic areas related to hospital admissions that may uncover DRG improvement opportunities:

  • How to assess your physician’s documentation accuracy and completeness
  • The role of the physician leader and team collaboration in documentation improvement
  • The latest on coding education and guidelines
  • Medical record workflows and frequent issues that can get your hospital in trouble
  • Best practices in coding and documentation compliance

Register for this no-cost webinar to learn more about how to prepare your physicians to become better at documentation and coding and gain insight into best practices that can improve your hospital’s revenue cycle operations.


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