Tele-Critical Care

Our purpose

Bringing better access to critical care through telemedicine.

Our practice

Supported by the expertise of the largest critical care practice in the country, we’re able to extend our reach to intensive care units (ICUs) nationwide through our partnership with our hospitalists.
Our onsite clinicians are skilled in critical care and supported by our telemedicine intensivists, who help elevate individual patient care.

Our performance

Much like our on-site critical care programs, we anchor our telemedicine critical care (tele-critical care) with board-certified intensivists. And we provide the same level of service as our on-site programs by combining audiovisual technology, critical care-trained advanced practice providers, and other on-site clinicians who provide intensive care at the bedside.

With our tele-critical care, we’re able to:

  • Consult on new admissions, floor transfers, or existing ICU patients
  • Conduct daily ICU multidisciplinary rounds
  • Evaluate unstable patients in other departments, such as inpatient floors or the emergency department
  • Assist with in-house code blues
  • Assist with family meetings and discussions around goals for care
  • Complete all documentation and place orders directly in the electronic medical record

Our success is rooted in our core principles — bringing on service-oriented, fellowship-trained physicians, using technology to broaden access to exceptional care, and making sure that care is flexible and adaptable to the unique needs of the partners and people we serve.

Our partners

We partner across the country with teaching hospitals, micro-hospitals, and critical access hospitals, as well as acute care centers and post-acute providers.

Let’s talk about building a partnership. We’d love to connect.