January 9, 2020

Acute Severe Hypertension

In this episode of Critical Matters, we will discuss the latest evidence, the proper management and potential pitfalls of acute severe hypertension.

Our guest is Dr. Aldo Peixoto. Dr. Peixoto is Professor of Medicine in the Section of Nephrology at the Yale University School of Medicine. He is also Vice Chair for Quality & Safety (Department of Internal Medicine) and Clinical Chief of the Section of Nephrology.

Additional Links:
Most recent US guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension: http://bit.ly/39XlOFJ
European position paper on management of hypertensive emergency: http://bit.ly/35G8eTT
Severe Hypertension: http://bit.ly/2shwldW

Books Mentioned in this Episode:
Blindness by Jose Saramago: https://amzn.to/30863ak
Portuguese Irregular Verbs by Alexander McCall Smith: https://amzn.to/35ARai4