November 17, 2023

Sound Long-Term Care Management is about to set sail – will you climb aboard?

By Mike Camacho, Sound Physicians, President of Accountable Care and Telemedicine

Long-term care facilities are an increasingly important resource in a healthcare landscape that historically prioritizes short-term patient stays. With more than 1.3 million people in long-term facilities, roughly 90% do not participate in a population health program. This means that most of the U.S.’s most vulnerable patients may not get the care they need. Susceptible to hospitalization, complications, and a higher-than-average mortality rate, long-term care is a sound solution to an ever-growing problem.

What is Sound’s Long-Term Care ACO (Sound Long-Term Care Management)? 

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) have been around for years – generally focused on community-based Medicare recipients – and help to increase care and coordination of care while simultaneously driving down overall healthcare spend. While other ACOs simply act as an administrator or data-sharing entities to their participants, Sound LongTerm Care Management (SLTCM) is committed to being an active partner. As a physician-led organization, we bring the backing of all our clinical service lines to mitigate risk, offer support, and ultimately work as a team to give patients the care they deserve. The support and continuing education we offer our partners directly impacts the quality of care we provide. 

What makes Sound’s ACO different? 

Sound Long-Term Care Management is dedicated to being a catalyst of change for this important patient population that is often left out of value-based care. Our three-pronged focus supports our long-term patient population on the best path to success: 

  • Preventative medicine 
    • Our SLTCM team supports the provider and the patient by getting ahead of chronic disease instead of solely reacting to it. Not only does this improve quality of life, but it simultaneously lowers unnecessary hospital care and financial burden. 
  • Technology 
    • Point-of-care technology is invaluable to SLTCM’s processes. Telemedicine provides treatment in place for patients during care gaps like nights and weekends. It also helps avoid unneeded trips to the hospital and helps patients feel connected to their health teams from the moment they enter a facility. 
  • Transparent data 
    • Tracking care by the numbers has a direct effect on patients. Collecting and assessing data from claims, operations, and individual and group performance allows it to adjust course and influence behavior changes in real-time to benefit a patient’s experience and outcomes. 
Why should you join Sound Long-Term Care Management, and how do you do it? 

Right now, Sound is one of the few long-term care ACOs still accepting physician groups for 2024. With no financial downside risk, you could earn as much as 25% of the shared savings once targets are met. While we handle billing, you can focus on improving patient care through ongoing education and technology platforms.

Time is running out to join—will you answer the call? Click here to learn more: 


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