May 9, 2024

Seeing the big picture: Celebrating Sound CPNs

Clinical performance nurses (CPNs) are invaluable to Sound’s care teams. Tasked with ensuring the best possible care for Sound patients nationwide, these nursing specialists support our bedside clinical providers by monitoring quality from behind the scenes. From tracking important metrics and process improvements to fostering engagement and education, CPNs see the big picture. In honor of National Nurses Week, we connected with some of our incredible CPN leaders to learn more about their nursing journeys, career development, and commitment to enhancing patient care.

What inspired you to become a nurse and how has that inspiration evolved throughout your career?    

Faith: I did not know what I wanted to do out of high school, so I went to a 10-month program for medical assisting. This role combines clinical training with administrative skills to work in healthcare offices, exam rooms, and medical labs. I loved working with patients and physicians and wanted to be able to do more care, so I chose to go to nursing school. After graduating from nursing school in 2001, I worked in the intensive care unit (ICU) and gastrointestinal health. I also managed an endoscopy department for seven years before becoming a Sound CPN. Lately, I’ve also been a clinical and lab instructor at a local community college, and I love it!    

Renee: I started my healthcare journey at age 14 as a volunteer candy striper at a large faith-based hospital in Columbus, Ohio. I reported to Sister Barbara, the last remaining nun in the health system. After a few career detours, I entered nursing school in 2002 and never looked back!  

Courtney: My mom is a nurse, and she inspired me with her compassion and dedication to her patients and healthcare as a whole. I am a caregiver by nature, and caring for my patients always brings joy and a sense of belonging. It made nursing an easy choice for my career.  

Kim: I came from humble beginnings and was raised by a single mother who taught me from a very young age to have a strong sense of purpose and an even stronger work ethic. My mother always instilled in my sisters and me that we do not have to have a lot financially to make someone feel better about their day. I’ve always felt an innate need to make a difference in other people’s lives. The path led me to emergency nursing and eventually to Sound.  

Wendy: My mother went to nursing school when my brother and I were young children. She was a foreign missionary and aspired to contribute medically. Watching her inspired my nursing career.     

What brought you to Sound and what keeps you at Sound?    

Renee: I came to Sound while in my previous role as a clinical educator. I was involved in a system project teaching new telemetry monitor education and was assigned to our hospitalist group. Their medical director highlighted the job opportunities available, and I knew the CPN role was an excellent fit for my skills and passion.    

Adewunmi: I was drawn to Sound by the organization’s dedication to its mission and core values, as well as its focus on patient-centered care principles, which I hold in high esteem. The factors contributing to my continued tenure at Sound include the adoption of cutting-edge practices and the nurturing atmosphere fostered by my colleagues and leadership.  

Courtney: While working as a case manager, I interacted with Sound daily. I saw the difference the clinical performance nurses could make for patients, and the work-life balance offered by the organization was alluring. What’s kept me at Sound is the people. Little did I know I would join a company that offers such support to each other and so many opportunities to grow within the company and as an individual.  

Kim: I joined Sound a decade ago following a fulfilling career in emergency nursing. I was seeking to transition away from bedside clinical nursing, yet I had a passion for quality and outcomes. Those needs led me to Sound! I’ve stayed because of Sound’s support for nursing leadership — the support I had been missing throughout my career. The investment that Sound has made in my career growth has been immeasurable.    

How has Sound supported your growth as a leader?    

Adewunmi: Sound has supported my growth as a leader through attentive listening, fostering open communication, and mentorship initiatives. Both the collaborative group and one-on-one leadership development options offered by Sound helped nurture my professional journey. I began my career with Sound as a CPN, advanced to the role of clinical performance nurse advanced, and have since ascended to clinical performance nurse supervisor.  

Adriana: As someone from a tiny town of only 6,000 people, I often believed that leadership roles were not available to people like me. However, I found Sound to be more welcoming than any other employer I had in the past. When I walked into my first National Leadership Conference in Chicago, it was clear that Sound had genuinely invested in me — and continues to do so! Through leadership courses and advancements in my career, I can be the leader I always wanted to be but never believed I could be. I have participated in the LEAD [Leadership Exploration and Development] program and am currently taking advanced leadership courses at Sound. I will be forever grateful for this support and experience.    

Courtney: When I initially became a nurse, I never imagined I would be in a leadership position. The example nursing leaders at Sound set for me instilled my desire to grow as a leader. I saw how hard they worked to support their “peeps,” as Catherine Abshire, our Chief Nursing Officer, calls them. I knew that was something that I wanted to do, and I did it.

Shaina: Since day one at Sound, I have had the most supportive mentors investing in me. The very transparent conversations I get to have with my leaders have helped me grow so much. I’ve always received praise for a job well done and constructive feedback where needed. It has made me stronger and more confident in my leadership skills with each passing week that I have been with Sound, and I have not regretted a single day. The colleagues I work with are phenomenal, and the nurses I work with are the reason why I come to work happy each and every day.  

Wendy: Throughout my time at Sound, my leaders have always supported and encouraged my growth and development. Sound has offered countless opportunities for learning in an environment where the organization’s core values are recognized. When I had a question about Sound’s core values, my concerns were immediately addressed. I’ve been able to participate in programs such as Sound’s nursing councils, mentorship programs, and various small-group projects. It has been a pleasure getting to develop relationships with so many great colleges across the nation!  

What does bringing better to the bedside mean to you?    

Adewunmi: For me, bringing better to the bedside embodies a dedication to the ongoing improvement of patient care, whether it’s delivered directly at the bedside or through indirect support. It’s about enriching every single patient interaction and ensuring comprehensive care that encompasses the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of every individual we serve as nurses.  

Courtney: To me, bringing better to the bedside means that we always strive to provide the best possible care and outcomes to the communities that we serve. As a nursing leader, that means innovation. We continue to search for the missing puzzle pieces that can best support our physician partners, which in return supports our patients.  

Kim: When I think of bringing better to the bedside, I think of the importance of patient-centric, holistic care: prioritizing learning and understanding the patient’s goals for their care, working for and with patients to try and achieve their goals when possible, possessing the skills to have an intentional and thoughtful conversation to seek an alternative plan if needed, and doing the right thing every time for every patient.    

Wendy: Everyone can make an impact. No effort is too small when it comes to patients and their families. Bringing a smiling face and a caring touch to medical expertise brings back the recognition of basic human needs. When our patients and families feel the effects of Sound’s compassion for patients, trust in our expert clinicians is easily received. 

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