Surgery Centers


The shift of surgeries and procedures to the outpatient setting continues to accelerate.  To capture those cases, surgery centers must support surgeons in creating a high-quality patient experience. Our flexible and affordable practice is comprised of anesthesiologists and CRNAs who provide a comprehensive perioperative experience that improves both surgeon productivity and patient experience.

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Phil Eichenholz, MD
What our leaders say
"Our leaders are passionate about creating a patient and surgeon-centric approach to anesthesia. We are cognizant of safety, comfort, and cost. Our methodology ensures collaboration with surgeons and proceduralists in a way that creates efficiency, effectively supports case complexity, and ensures patient satisfaction."
Phil Eichenholz, MD
CEO, Anesthesia
Andi Damron, CRNA, MSN, BSN
What our leaders say
“Regional anesthesia. Opioid use. Dynamic staffing models. We establish the best practices for standardized care delivery and improved recovery with enhanced protocols. We reinforce the processes that lead to strong outcomes by providing our surgical centers, surgeons, and proceduralists insights into throughput and utilization. Our approach looks beyond operations and incorporates quality, financial, and patient satisfaction data.”
Andi Damron, CRNA, BSN, MS
Chief Anesthetist, Anesthesia