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A Value-Based Partner for Acute Care Episodes

We partner with both national and regional health plans to improve clinical outcomes for their specific patient populations. We deploy value-based care interventions from the point of admission and offer telemedicine capabilities to extend our hospitalists’ reach into post-acute care settings.

Value-Based Care

Acute episodes of care are responsible for 50% of health plans’ total cost of care. And 60% of that spend happens after the patient leaves the hospital. With 20 years of value-based hospitalist practice know-how, we help health plans align their own hospitalist networks to improve continuity, reduce over-utilization and adverse outcomes, and support risk adjustment and quality star ratings through accurate and comprehensive documentation.

  • We have been the largest physician group participant in BPCI and BPCIA, reducing episode costs by 8% – 10%
  • We work with the nation’s two largest Medicare Advantage plans to manage their members’ acute episodes in more than 150 hospitals across the U.S.
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What our leaders say
"To succeed under risk, we’ve educated our physicians to shift their mindset to fully consider both patients’ goals and the total cost of care. That means not just in the hospital, but for the whole episode. Our physicians take ownership and accountability for outcomes from hospital to home."
John Birkmeyer, MD
Chief Clinical Officer
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Reduction in avoidable admissions


Reduction in SNF, LTACH, and IRF utilization


Readmission reduction


Value in telemedicine is more than technology. It is ubiquitous access to expert care, day or night, anywhere and everywhere. Our network of highly-trained physicians are experts in managing acutely ill patients when clinical crises inevitably arise, in any setting, including their home. Reaching patients when others cannot, we close gaps in care and dramatically reduce hospital readmissions.

  • We are the only scaled physician provider delivering telemedicine to SNFs, reducing readmissions by 30%
  • We accelerate the initiation of care for the nation’s largest home health providers
  • Our expert physician oversight helps manage higher acuity patients in the home setting
For Post-Acute Providers 8
What our leaders say
"We use telemedicine to close gaps in care. For example, sometimes patients are transferred to the ED for care the SNF can’t provide. With Tele-SNF, we have peer-to-peer management of that transfer. Oftentimes, the patient can be returned to the SNF that same day. We put expertise in place to ensure patients’ goals are met and care is appropriate."
Brian Carpenter, MD SFHM
National Medical Director, Telemedicine
Brendan McNamara
What our leaders say
"Our telemedicine capabilities where originally developed to support our acute patients. In our experience taking risk during the acute care episode, we realized that 5% of cost occurs because of avoidable readmissions from SNFs. In our work with SNFs to build systematic ways to address readmissions, we are using technology to expand our core clinical models outside of the walls of the hospital. Our physicians fill gaps in the clinical ecosystem with protocols around falls, tuck-ins, and other disease-specific conditions, and we are working together with our post-acute partners to identify new ways to collaborate every day."
Brendan McNamara
CEO, Telemedicine
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connects per month


connects result in treatment in place


average reduction in hospital readmissions

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